Our Favourite Place - Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland


Welcome to the land of a 1000 perfect getaways

Your quick trip from the Toronto area takes you through rolling countryside, and past many quaint villages in the region like Hastings on the Trent River, which was recently named the “Ultimate Fishing Town Canada” by the World Fishing Network.

From spas to theatre, cycling to boating, the region that has it all is called: “Our Favourite Place.” Make this long weekend your first trip to Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes and Northumberland, and don’t be surprised if it soon becomes your favourite place too.

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50 Shades of Romance in Northumberland and The Kawarthas

Ideas for Wedding Venues in Calgary

It is disappointing how many people do not try and get creative when choosing wedding venues in Calgary yet there are a number of possible Calgary wedding venues that not so many people try out. Here are a few ideas based on different suggestions as well as what some couples have already done.

Houses for Sale

If you have a friend or relative who has a big house on sale, you may want to consider asking them to let you use that as the venue for your wedding. Even if you do not know someone, Calgary has a number of houses for sale and at least one person will agree to let you use their house for your wedding and this could very easily give them a chance to advertise the house for sale and get a good price for it.


There is a particular rooftop that has hosted a couple of weddings. The view is really great and provides a unique photo opportunity. It is important though that you ensure that there is no rain or snow in the weather forecast because that would disrupt a very beautiful day so a summer wedding would best be suited for this idea. Bars and some company buildings would be good options for a rooftop wedding venue.

University Grounds

This is particularly suited for people who may have started their romance in university. It would be great to return to “The scene of the crime” to tie the knot. Universities offer the option of an outdoor or indoor event there is a lot of parking space as well at such a venue and it can inspire some very interesting speeches. Just make sure you look out for the students who may want to crush the party for the free food and alcohol.

The Zoo

This was an idea from a young girl who was told she would be the flower girl at her sister's wedding. Well, it is not a bad idea to have animals in the background of your wedding photos and your guests would get the chance to visit the zoo. You probably need to be an animal lover to agree to this one but a few people have done it and they are still the talk of their guests whenever unique Calgary wedding venues come up.

The bottom line is with the right decoration and your friends and family around, you can turn any place into the perfect venue for your wedding. But of course with some few exceptions.