You may be wondering what all this “Our Favourite Place” business is about. Feel like exploring a little?

These links to our sub-regions will take you one step closer to where we live, and with it, a variety of picturesque towns, beaches, cabins and endless opportunity for creating life-long memories.
We love it here.

Peterborough _ the Kawarthas


Peterborough Cyclists   Peterborough Marketplace

The Peterborough area is one of Ontario’s most vibrant hubs for arts and culture. Experience it for yourself.  With the Kawarthas’ gorgeous water, trees, fields and incredible rock face, it’s no wonder the inspiration to create through art and music seems to burst out of the cafes, rooftop patios, and waterside shops. But then again, ya never know ‘til ya come. =)

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Kawartha Lakes


Kawartha Lakes Eels Creek   Kawartha Lakes Fenlon Falls Sunset

Kawartha Lakes is a land of paradox. You might meet a visitor recounting a peaceful, serene experience when their chaotic world of city life came beautifully back into alignment via a quiet Kawartha Lakes bed _ breakfast. Yet, you’re just as likely to encounter another who experienced an adrenaline-packed weekend of jet-skis, 4-wheeling, fishing, pausing only to squeeze in a round of golf! The area is known as Ontario’s House Boat Capital, which, as you may know, happens to be about the closest thing adults get to summer camp.

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Northhumberland Rolling Hills   Northhumberland Fishing

The good thing about best kept secrets is the part of it that’s “best”. Northumberland County is home to several of Canada’s most luxurious spas, unparalleled miles of accessible beaches, rolling hills and waterfront inns for cycling weekends . . . it’s no wonder this secret spot is one of Ontario’s best.

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